• Vodka Jelly: A Refreshing and Nutritious Delight

    Vodka Jelly: A Refreshing and Nutritious Delight

    Vodka jelly, also known as Jell-O shots, is a popular cocktail treat that has taken the party scene by storm. It’s an innovative way of enjoying your favorite drink in a gelatinous form, and the good news is that now, you can make it at home! Our company specializes in creating high-quality...
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  • Achieving Success at the 2023 Dubai Food Exhibition

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  • Fruit Jellies: International Market Status, Flavors And Benefits

    Fruit jellies have become a popular dessert in today’s international market. Known for its diverse flavors and nutritional values, as well as its ease of production, it has become a healthy and delicious energy-boosting food. With the advancement of the global fast food industry, fruit jell...
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  • What Alcohol Is Best For Jello Shots?

    By far the most popular type of vodka is regular vodka. It is basically made up of ethanol and water, so the flavour is fairly neutral and mixes easily with most flavourings. This makes it ideal for use in jelly drinks. Examples of this include Tito’s, Absolut, and any other vodka that is n...
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  • Will Jello stay set at room temperature?

     Homemade jello should not be left out at room temperature as the proteins in the gelatin could denature, and the sugars could start developing harmful bacteria. Hot temperatures may separate the gelatin from the water resulting in a loss in consistency. Refrigerate homemade jello for the best re...
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  • Difference between cold powder and jelly

    I believe that everyone in ordinary life will certainly often eat cold powder and jelly, and for these two kinds of food, relatively speaking, is also relatively delicious, is also deeply liked by many people, but also contains a high nutritional value, for our body is also a certain benefit, let...
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  • The Effects Of Jelly And How To Eat It

    The effects of jelly and how to eat it    Jelly is a snack that we are all familiar with, especially children, who love the sweet and sour taste of jelly. There is a wide range of jellies on the market, with a variety of flavours to suit most people's needs. Jelly is not...
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    Jelly Pudding recipe, learn how to make jelly pudding recipe. What a delightful jelly and cream dessert that you can make with simple ingredients. This dessert will leave your kids swarming around you for more. This dessert will be a sure hit with kids if they are jelly fans. And I am sure ...
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  • Gelatin Jello Shot

    Gelatin Jello Shot

    Jelly wine, as the name suggests, and the general jelly eaten in a similar way, of course, children and pregnant women are not allowed to eat, its internal contains vodka basic content in 13%. People generally learn about it through the American drama “The Vampire Diaries” Season 5,...
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  • Jelly market trends

    Jelly market trends

    The global jelly market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% during the forecast period (2020 - 2024) to 2024. The demand for jelly products is increasing, as is the demand for jams, candies and other confectionery products. Jelly pro...
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  • Enterprise dynamics

    Enterprise dynamics

    In 2022, our company opened a slimming project, in order to meet the majority of slimming enthusiasts, we launched konjac noodles products, now to invest more than 3 million yuan to introduce advanced equipment and technology, we currently launched four flavors of konjac...
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  • The origins of Jell-O shots

    The origins of Jell-O shots

    The origins of Jell-O shots can be traced back to Jerry Thomas's 1868 book How to Mix Drinks or The Bon Vivant's Companion: The Bartender's Guide, in which he first mentioned how to make Jell-O shots. Over time, Jell-O shots have evolved into a popular alcoholic dessert ...
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